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Hey, what are best friends for?
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First, a note from your editor: I've interviewed a lot of women since I came to The SCORE Group in 2001, and this ranks as one of my Top 3 favorite interviews. That's not because Connie McCoy, a 55-year-old divorcee from Southern California, gets super-raunchy (although her Pilates demonstration in the final minutes shouldn't be missed). It's because Connie is so normal, so down-to-Earth, so refreshing. She's funny, intelligent, sexy...but you'll discover that for yourself soon enough.
Anyway, at the start of this interview, Connie laughs quite a bit. "I laugh a lot when I'm slightly nervous or uncomfortable," she says. Connie is both, but she warms up, and she gets the message across that she's enjoying what she's here to do.
"I'm 55, and it's a rush to think that I can still turn somebody on," Connie says. "I feel like I have some kind of expiration date on my back."
There's no expiration date on Connie's back or any other part of her body (although she was shocked to find out that we recently featured a 75-year-old on She's blonde, she's beautiful, she has a hot body (she doubles as a personal trainer) and, oh yeah, she's a mom. A divorced mom who isn't looking forward to getting married again. Her perfect date?
"I prefer sexy only. No dating," she said. "It's too time-consuming."
Time well-spent is time getting to know Connie. Enjoy. She's the real McCoy.
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